What happens in chapter 35 of Chains?

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The primary focus of chapter 35 is Isabel reaching out to the imprisoned Curzon.  This is significant for a couple of reasons.  The first is that Isabel is stepping outside of her "chained" condition and taking chances.  Isabel is no longer inhibited by the fear of Madame Lockton.  She is taking risks for what she values and what she deems as important.  At the same time, Isabel is forging solidarity with Curzon in Chapter 35.  He tells her about battles and she tries to help him the best she can.  It is here where Isabel is showing the first embers of freedom.  She is showing that she is leaving behind a life of "chains."  She is acting in a manner where there are no "chains."  This becomes the primary focus in Chapter 35. Isabel is shown as being more drawn to the struggle in the Revolutionary War.  In her affinity for Curzon is also a clear statement that she is able to identify herself as  a person of color.  Isabel is slowly developing the capacity to act as both a woman and a person of color.  These conditions are in strict defiance to the orders of Madame Lockton.  They help to drive the action in Chapter 35.

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