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Jennifer Weiner continues to delight readers with her 2009 novel Certain Girls, a sequel to her beloved book Good in Bed. Readers reacquaint themselves with Cannie Shapiro and her daughter, Joy, as she is poised for her Bat Mitzvah and Cannie is experiencing the ups and downs of parenting a teenager.

After the tremendous success of Cannie's first novel, she is happily ensconced in her life outside of Philadelphia writing science fiction under the pseudonym Lyla Dare. Joy finds a copy of her mother's highly sexualized novel and learns what she believes to be the truth about how she was conceived. Cannie's marriage to Peter proves stable yet surprising when he suggests that the couple try to have a child by using a surrogate.

Joy and Cannie struggle as they continue to define their relationship and themselves. Joy experiences the pressures of fitting in at school; as a result, she removes her hearing aids, which cause her to feel quite self-conscious. Now unable to hear very well, Joy's grades slip. Cannie continues to struggle with her weight...

(The entire section is 347 words.)