Celtic Mythology Fionn Mac Cumhaill And The Fenian Cycle - Essay

Fionn Mac Cumhaill And The Fenian Cycle

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

A. G. van Hamel (1934)

SOURCE: "Aspects of Celtic Mythology," in Proceedings of the British Academy, 1934, pp. 207-48.

[In the following essay, van Hamel undertakes a comparative analysis of Celtic mythology, particularly of the Irish Fenian Cycle, in order to uncover the magical and religious undercurrents in the tradition.]

Some scholars look upon a myth as an article of faith of pagan times. Others take it as an expression of the early religious mind in a symbolical form. However, neither dogmatism nor speculation belongs to the primitive properties of religion. Their influence, great though it may become in the course of evolution, is not...

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