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When Phillip finally comes to his senses on the raft, he is sick, disoriented, and in shock. As Timothy states to him, his mind is struggling to accept that "the worst has happened." Despite his dulled senses and his sick stomach, his prejudice against Timothy remains as strong as ever. He originally feels a certain amount of warmth and gratitude for the man that has no doubt saved him. However, the relationship becomes incredibly contentious when the matter of what few supplies are available to the two becomes a point of argument.

Timothy states that the two have had incredibly good luck, and with them on the raft is a keg filled with fresh water, some biscuits, some chocolate, and matches inside a tin that are still dry. Feeling sick, hot, and incredibly dehydrated, Phillip asks for an entire cup of water. Timothy, preparing for the worst, will only give him a few drops, stating that they have to be smart with what they have. Timothy of course turns out to be correct, and the two are stranded for a long period of time. Phillip becomes resentful when he is asked to eat raw fish to save the biscuits, and in his anger even lashes out at Timothy, surmising that he intends to save all the water for himself.

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