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Turiddu Macca

Turiddu Macca (tew-REED-dew MAHK-kah), a swaggering youth with an eye for the ladies. He is self-confident, cocky, and convinced of his own sexual appeal. Returning from the army, still wearing the rakish cap of the soldier, he fully expects to continue his relationship with Lola, to whom he considers himself engaged. He learns that she is going to marry the local carter, Alfio. In spiteful bravado he courts Santa, the daughter of a well-to-do landowner. Although he does not really love her, he woos Santa with a kind of rough tenderness and a self-assuredness that expects no refusal. He is capable of real courage and dignity, as in the final scene, when he fights a knife duel with Lola’s husband. Although he knows he could be killed—as indeed he is—Turiddu meets the cuckolded carter in the hills at dawn because he is expected, as a man, to play his part in the primitive ritual of honor and to pay with his life for his affair with Lola.


Lola, the daughter of a local farmer. As calculating as Turiddu is headstrong, she marries the carter not for love but for the security he could provide. She knows that marriage to Turiddu cannot offer her the stability and prestige she wants; in fact, she enjoys tormenting Turiddu by sitting on her balcony with her hands folded on her stomach, showing off her rings and jewelry....

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