Catholicism in Nineteenth-Century American Literature Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)


An Apology for the Conversion of Stephen Cleveland Blythe, To the Faith of the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church (treatise) 1815

"The Priest—the Wife—the Family" (essay) 1846, published in United States Magazine 17

Pope or President? Startling Disclosures of Romanism as Revealed by Its Own Writers (treatise) 1859

Edward Beecher

The Papal Conspiracy Exposed, and Protestantism Defended in the Light of Reason, History and Scripture (treatise) 1855

George Bourne

Lorette. The History of Louise, Daughter of a Canadian Nun: Exhibiting the Interior of Female Convents (novel) 1833

Orestes Brownson

Charles Elwood; or, The Infidel Converted (novel) 1840

"Novel-Writing and Novel-Reading" (essay) 1848

The Spirit-Rapper: An Autobiography (novel) 1854

"Rome or Reason" (essay) 1867, published in The Works of Orestes A. Brownson

Charles James Cannon

Father Felix: A Tale (novel) 1845

"Catholic Literature in the United States" (essay) 1854, published in Metropolitan 2

Norwood Damon

The Chronicles of Mount Benedict. A Tale of the Ursuline ConventThe Quasi Production of Mary Magdalen (satire) 1837

Anna Hanson Dorsey

The Student of Blenheim Forest; or, The Trials of a Convert (novel) 1846

The Oriental Pear; or, The Catholic Immigrants (novel) 1848

Conscience; or, The Trial of May Brooke, An American Catholic Tale (novel) 1864

Theodore Dwight

Open Convents: or, Nunneries and Popish Seminaries Dangerous to the Morals, and Degrading to the Character of a Republican Community (treatise) 1836

"Female Convents" (essay) 1837, published in The Christian Examiner 19

Charles W. Frothingham

The Convent's Doom: A Tale of Charlestown in 1834 (novel) 1854

Jedidiah Vincent Huntington

Alban. A Tale of the New World (novel) 1853

Blonde and Brunette or The Gotham Arcady (novel) 1858

[Mary Anne Ursula Moffat] Mother Mary Edmund St. George

An Answer to Six Months in a Convent Exposing Its Falsehoods and Manifold Absurdities by the Lady Superior (essay) 1835

Maria Monk

Awful Disclosures of the Hotel Dieu Nunnery of Montreal (exposé) 1836

Charles Constantine Pise

Father Rowland: An American Tale (novel) 1829

Zenosius; or, The Pilgrim Convert (novel) 1845

Hugh Quigley

The Cross and the Shamrock; or, An Irish-American Catholic Tale of Real Life; or, How to Defend the Faith (novel) 1853

Profit and Loss: A Story of the Life of the Genteel Irish-Americans, Illustrative of Godless Education (novel) 1873

Rebecca Theresa Reed

Six Months in a Convent; or, The Narrative of Rebecca Theresa Reed (exposé) 1835

John T. Roddan

John O'Brien; or, The Orphan of Boston, A Tale of Real Life (novel) 1850