Catherine the Great Principal Works - Essay

Joan Haslip

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Nakaz Komissii o sostavlenii proekta novago ulozheniia [The Great Instruction to the Commissioners Appointed to Frame a New Code of Laws for the Russian Empire or Bol'shoi Nakaz] (philosophy) 1767

Velizer [translator] (political tract) 1768

Vsiakaia vsiachina [Sorts and Sundries] (journal) 1769-74

Antidote, ou examen du mauvais livre … intitulé: voyage en Sibérie fait … en 1761 [Antidote: or an Enquiry into the Merits of a Book Entitled a Journey into Siberia; also translated as Don Juan; or, The Feast with the Statue] (criticism) 1770

O Vremia! [O the Times!] (play) 1772

Imianiny gospozhi Varchalkinoi [Mrs. Grumbler's Nameday] (play) 1774

Gospozha Vestnikova s sem'eiu [Mrs. Newsmonger and Her Family] (play) 1774

*Taina protivo-nelepogo obshchestva (Anti-absurde), otkrytaia ne prichastnym onomu [The Secret of the Anti-Absurd Society Revealed by One not Privy to It] (satire) 1780

Selected Russian Proverbs (proverbs) 1781-83

Komediia Obmanshchik [The Deceiver] (play) 1785

Komediia Obol'shchennyi [The Deluded] (play) 1785

Peredniaia znatnogo boiarina [A Prominent Boyar's Anteroom] (play) 1786

Vol'noe, no slaboe perelozhhenie iz Shakespira, komediia Vot kokovo imet' korzinu i bel'e [A free but slight adaptation from Shakespeare, the Comedy: This 'tis to Have Linen and Buck-Baskets; also translated as This is the Kind of Laundry and Laundry Basket to Have] (play) 1786

Komediia Shaman sibirskoi [The Siberian Shaman] (play) 1786

Nachal'noe upravlenie Olega [The Beginning of Oleg's reign] (play) 1786

Iz zhizni Riurika [From the Life of Rurik] (play) 1786

Opera komicheskaia Fevei [The Comic Opera, Fevei] (libretto) 1786

Novgorodskoi bogatyr' Boeslaevich [Boeslaevich, the Knight of Novgorod] (libretto) 1786

Rastochitel' [The Wastrel, a Comedy, a Free Adaptation from Shakespeare] (unfinished play) 1786

Igor (unfinished play) 1786

Opera komicheskaia Khrabroi I smeloi vitaz' Akhrideich' [The Comic Opera, The Brave and Bold Knight Akhrideich] (libretto) 1787

Skazka o Gorebogatyre Kosometoviche I Opera komicheskaia iz slov skaski sostavlennaia [Tale of the Doleful Knight Kosometovich] (libretto) 1789

Fedul s det'mi [Fedul and His children] (libretto) 1790

Mémoires de l'impératrice Catherine II [Memoirs of the Empress Catherine II] (memoirs) 1859

Correspondence of Catherine the Great when Grand-Duchess, with Sir Charles Hanbury-Williams and Letters from Count Poniatowski (letters) 1928

Voltaire and Catherine the Great: Selected Correspondence (letter) 1974

*Catherine published this work in French in 1780, and her secretary, Aleksandr Khrapovitsy, provided the Russian translation, which was back-dated to 1759 for political reasons.

†This play is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor.

‡This play is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Timon of Athens.