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Gallagher, Tess. Introduction to Carver Country: The World of Raymond Carver, by Bob Adelman and Tess Gallagher, pp. 8-19. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1990.

Provides an account of Carver's life, along with insight into influences on his writing.

Lehman, David. "Tales of Ordinary Madness." Newsweek (5 September 1983): 66.

Reviews Cathedral, claiming that while Carver was successful illustrating misery and hopelessness, his stories are too limited.

Meyer, Adam. "The Masterpiece: Cathedral." In Raymond Carver, pp. 124-47. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1995.

Analyzes several stories from Cathedral, tracing changes in Carver's tone and style.

Weber, Bruce. "Raymond Carver: A Chronicler of Blue-Collar Despair." New York Times Magazine (24 June 1984): 36-51.

Surveys Carver's life, placing his work within the context of changes in the literary world.


Bonetti, Kay. "Ray Carver: Keeping It Short." Saturday Review (September-October 1983): 21-3.

Remarks on the Mildred and Harold Strauss Living Award Carver won and compares Cathedral to his earlier work.

Simpson, Mona. "The Art of Fiction LXXVI: Raymond Carver." The Paris Review 25, No. 88 (Summer 1983): 192-221.

Discusses alcoholism, why Carver wrote, and how Cathedral marked a transition for him.

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