Catching Fire Catching Fire Overview Quiz
by Suzanne Collins

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Catching Fire Overview Quiz

Catching Fire is the third in the best-selling Hunger Games saga. In this book, Katiness Everdeen must fight new battles as well as old foes. Be sure you recall the important events and characters in Catching Fire by taking the eNotes quiz for the novel.

  • Question 1

    What product comes from District 12?

  • Question 2

    What do Bonnie and Twill believe is in District 13?

  • Question 3

    What talent does Katniss pretend to be interested in?

  • Question 4

    Which of the following members is NOT one of the living victors from District 12?

  • Question 5

    What law does Gale break?

  • Question 6

    What does the spile help extract from the trees?

  • Question 7

    Where does Gale go to work now that she is old enough?

  • Question 8

    Who is the only stylist Katniss can tolerate?

  • Question 9

    What gift arrives by parachute?

  • Question 10

    The Capitol has captured whom ?

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