What survival skills does Katniss demonstrate in Catching Fire?

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In Suzanne Collins’s Catching Fire, the second in The Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss Everdeen demonstrates many of the survival skills which help her to not only survive but also win the games of the first book. Her ability to hunt is perhaps one of her strongest survival skills, as it allows her to eat and to feed others that she meets. She is an excellent forager and can tell poisonous berries from edible ones. Other basic survival skills which she possesses include fire building and archery. Katniss is excellent with a bow and arrow, which is beneficial not only for hunting, but to direct lightening into the forcefield.

In addition to these types of survival skills, which are the kind you might think of as beneficial when venturing into the woods, Katniss also possesses skills which can’t be learned, but are the true key to her survival and victory over the Capitol. Katniss’s intelligence is prominent throughout not only Catching Fire, but the entire trilogy, and it sets her apart from the other characters.

She also has an innate ability to read others. She forms partnerships with people she can trust is a survival skill and allows her to accurately examine each situation she encounters and determine the best course of action. She is brave and willing to try different tactics to reach success, and when some of her choices lead to initial failure, Katniss is able to change course. She is able to use all of these abilities to manipulate the audience, who love her (and her outfit). Katniss uses all of her positive traits and likability to gain sponsors, increasing her likelihood of survival.

Katniss is defiant and isn’t afraid to stand up to the Capitol or to rebel against the forces which control her family and friends and result in torture and death, and yet she is wise enough to know when to be quiet about it.

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