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Chapter 9 Summary

Katniss tells Gale that she has traded in her plan to run away so that she can start an uprising in District 12. There is a blizzard in District 12, and no one is able to go out. During the time she is stuck inside, Katniss reflects that her biggest problem will be that she is so easy to reach. The Capitol has only to harm Prim to reach her. On the other hand, the Capitol has already harmed Prim by forcing her to watch Katniss in the Games, by calling her name in the Reaping, and by allowing her father to die in a mining accident. Katniss hardens her resolve to fight back as Gale slowly heals from his injuries. She also apologizes to her mother for her outbursts the night before.

Once the blizzard passes, Katniss joins Peeta and Haymitch for a walk to the town square. As they leave the Victor’s Village, Katniss shares with Haymitch her determination to start an uprising. Her old mentor scoffs at her plan and says that his only plan for the time being is to see Katniss married to Peeta—and the sooner the better. Katniss does not see why her plan should...

(The entire section is 388 words.)