Chapter 7 Summary

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There is an uprising in District 8. The people are rebelling against the Peacemakers, who are shooting into a wild crowd. Katniss takes in enough to know that she failed to convince both President Snow and the outlying districts during her Victory Tour. Before the mayor can catch her, Katniss leaves the room to find his daughter, Madge.

Katniss questions Madge about the pin, explaining that the mockingjay can be interpreted as a symbol of rebellion against the Capitol’s authority. Madge argues that the mockingjay is just a songbird, and Katniss gives up questioning her friend. Privately, she reflects that the mockingjay does suggest rebellion against the Capitol. The mockingjay is a hybrid species of the mockingbird and the artificial jabberjay. During the rebellion, the Capitol used jabberjays as spies until the rebels realized that the birds were listening to them. Then the rebels used the jabberjays to send misinformation to the Capitol. The Capitol abandoned the jabberjays to die, but the birds bred with mockingbirds and survive as mockingjays. Katniss concludes that the Capitol underestimated the birds’ will to live.

Katniss is prepared to go wild herself. She meets with Gale in a secret location that she hopes will offer them privacy and proposes that they escape together. Gale, who is jealous of Peeta and his public engagement to Katniss, agrees to leave with Katniss because he loves her. Caught by surprise, Katniss responds, “I know.” As they begin to fight, Katniss lets slip that rebellion has begun in District 8. Gale now argues that the people in District 12 should organize and rebel as well. When Katniss argues that their responsibility is to save their families, Gale replies that they have a responsibility to try to save all the families in District 12. They part in anger.

Back in the Victor’s Village, Katniss shares her plan with Peeta while she walks him to his parents’ house. Like Gale, Peeta agrees to leave with Katniss, though he argues that Katniss will never leave people behind. They are interrupted by a public spectacle in the town square. Katniss pushes her way to the center of the crowd and sees that Gale is being punished for poaching. He is being whipped by a new Peacekeeper.

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