Catching Fire Chapter 6 Summary
by Suzanne Collins

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Chapter 6 Summary

Katniss now knows that she has failed to convince the outlying districts that her romance with Peeta is real. Katniss knows this means that she will be punished, but she does not know how. Rather than feel terrified, though, she feels relieved. There is no need for pretending once she gets back to District 12. Furthermore, she is now free to fight back and to plan. She begins making a mental list of people she cares for who will have to come with her as she makes her escape from the Capitol’s spies and killers. However, Katniss is still in the Capitol and still very much under President Snow’s control and supervision. Still on camera, Snow jokes about how the Capitol should throw a wedding for Katniss once her mother has approved of Peeta’s proposal.

After the interview with Caesar Flickerman, there is a big party at the President’s House. Everyone wants to meet Katniss and Peeta. Katniss’s primary concern is the food. There is a lot of it and all of it is delicious. Since Katniss comes from District 12, where children regularly starve, she is impressed by the banquet. She resolves to eat only one bite of each dish, but she still fails to try everything before she finds herself full. Her Capitol stylists ask why she is not eating. When they find out that she is full, they encourage Katniss to take a special drink that will allow her to vomit and then continue eating. Katniss and Peeta are flabbergasted by such reckless waste and selfishness.

They keep their feelings private, and Peeta invites Katniss to dance. He explains that he, too, finds the Capitol heartless. Perhaps, he suggests, they were wrong to go along with President Snow’s plans to quell rebellions. Maybe they should have encouraged the people to...

(The entire section is 459 words.)