Catching Fire Chapter 27 Summary
by Suzanne Collins

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Chapter 27 Summary

The explosion destroys the force field and knocks Katniss unconscious. All she can think about is whether she has saved Peeta or forced the Capitol to kill everyone to show that it is stronger than even the strongest members of the outlying districts. A metal claw descends from the sky, grabs Katniss, and pulls her up into a hovercraft. When Katniss wakes up, she sees Plutarch Havensbee, the Head Gamemaker. Katniss assumes that she is being held by the Capitol, but there is little she can do before she is incapacitated again. The next time she wakes up, she is on a table and is receiving treatments, and she assumes the Capitol is trying to keep her alive so they can punish her publicly. When Katniss next wakes up, she arms herself with a syringe and goes to inflict whatever damage she can. She finds a room inside which she can hear Plutarch and Finnick talking. Before she attacks them, she hears Haymitch’s voice as well. She enters and Haymitch disarms her. He says her attack on the Capitol using a syringe is ridiculous and tells her this is why no one ever includes her in planning. Haymitch explains the situation to her.

The districts are currently rebelling against the Capitol. Plutarch is the Head Gamemaker, but he has until recently been a covert member of the rebellion. Before the Quell, some of the victors made plans to break out of the arena, which is why the wire was left for Beetee at the Cornucopia. When Johanna attacked Katniss, she was actually tearing a tracking device out of her arm. Then she led Enobaria and Brutus away. The twenty-four bread rolls from District 3 were a coded signal to coordinate the escape: the twenty-fourth hour of the third day. The hovercraft comes from District 13, which does exist and stands in opposition to the Capitol’s power. During the Quell, everyone...

(The entire section is 477 words.)