Chapter 25 Summary

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The next morning, Katniss realizes that this alliance will have to end soon. She takes Peeta away from the group, claiming that she will teach him to swim. Peeta agrees that the alliance will have to break up soon, but he suggests that they wait until Enobaria and Brutus have been eliminated. This makes sense because leaving now would mean having two groups of enemies plus Chaff, wherever he is. They return to the shore.

Beetee calls the group together to tell them about his plan. Although Beetee is by far the least impressive fighter, Katniss notes that he seems like a schoolteacher to the rest of the victors. They listen carefully as he explains that Enobaria and Brutus are unlikely to risk another direct attack when they are so outnumbered. Rather than risk their lives in the jungle, Beetee suggests that they use his wire to connect the lightning tree (the tree the lightning strikes each day) to the water in the middle of the arena. If they abandon the beach, a source of seafood, the Careers will likely go to the beach to get food. What the Careers will not realize is that they are walking into a trap that will electrocute them.

Before they leave, more bread from District 3 arrives. They divide the food as evenly as they can, though there are five of them and only 24 rolls. Johanna takes the lead as they enter the jungle and climb to the lightning tree. Katniss fantasizes about a cold drink of water. Everything in the arena is the same temperature, and everyone inside is like a stew. However, before they reach the edge of the jungle, Finnick has Katniss take the lead because she can hear the force field. Beetee knows Katniss is lying but allows her to take the lead anyway. When they reach the outer edge of the arena, each victor gets to work.

Beetee begins examining the lightning tree. When Beetee finishes, they return to the beach and make a feast while they still have access to seafood. Katniss enjoys diving for oysters. When Peeta finds a pearl inside an oyster, he gives it to Katniss. She likes it and puts it away, along with the spile and the medicine. Peeta can see that he has failed to convince her to live so she can return to her family. It is true: Katniss is just as dedicated to her mission to help Peeta survive as ever. She reflects that her mother and Prim will know to return the pearl to Peeta before they bury her.

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Chapter 24 Summary


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