Catching Fire Chapter 11 Summary
by Suzanne Collins

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Chapter 11 Summary

Katniss is in the woods, and she has just discovered that the fence that surrounds her home is electrified. She is stuck outdoors and night is falling. Although there have been times in the past when Katniss has found herself stuck outside her home, she always had Gale for company while she waited for the electricity to fail. Now she begins to wonder whether the Peacekeepers are more aware of her movements than she realizes. Do they know she is in the woods illegally? In the past, Prim could just go to the woods to see if Katniss was stuck outside an electrified fence, but this time Katniss has snuck out and her mother will be worried if she does not return home soon.

Katniss decides to climb a nearby tree with a branch that hangs over the fence. It is a twenty-five foot drop, and Katniss hesitates. But she climbs the tree, crawls along the branch, and drops. The fall injures her ankle and her tailbone, but she gets up and starts home. Along the way, she picks up some peppermints and some bandages for Prim and her mother.

When Katniss finally arrives at home, two Peacekeepers are waiting for her. It seems like they have been waiting for her in the hopes of catching her in the act of poaching. Katniss pretends she was out all day running errands and took longer than expected because of Prim’s bad directions. Haymitch and Peeta, who are nearby, realize what is happening and guide the conversation so as not to implicate Katniss. A Peacekeeper asks what is in Katniss’s bag, and she reveals her candy and bandages. Frustrated, the Peacekeepers deliver their final message: that the fence is now electrified. Katniss innocently replies, “Isn’t it always?”

After the Peacekeepers leave, Katniss allows her mother to tend to her injuries. It will take time for her ankle to recover. The next day, she turns on the television, looking for confirmation that the Capitol relies on seventy-year-old footage for its reports on District 13. A reporter appears in front of a familiar scene of the District 13 Justice Building. She shares with the audience that District 13 is still too toxic for people to work there. However, Katniss spots the mockingjay wing in the corner of the screen and realizes that the reporter has been put in front of the same old footage. The Capitol is lying about what is in District 13.