Catching Fire Chapter 10 Summary
by Suzanne Collins

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Chapter 10 Summary

Katniss is in the midst of a face-off with what appears to be a uniformed Peacekeeper. The Peacekeeper holds a gun, and Katniss is armed with her bow and arrow. She is in the wilderness, armed, and poaching, all of which are serious offenses in District 12. However, before she can fire, the Peacekeeper reveals a cracker with a mockingjay on it. Looking closer, Katniss realizes that the woman in the uniform is no Peacekeeper.

However, Katniss does not lower her weapon. Slowly it becomes clear that Katniss is in charge, until a second person comes out of a cottage at Katniss’s back. Katniss quickly regains control of the situation and has the two strangers stand in front of her. The woman and girl introduce themselves as Bonnie and Twill. They claim to be from District 8, which Katniss knows has rebelled against the Capitol. They claim to be on Katniss’s side.

Bonnie offers an account of the uprising in District 8. It is an industrial district responsible for textiles—including the Peacekeepers’ uniforms. Beneath the din of the factory machinery, the workers of District 8 planned their rebellion. The day Katniss and Peeta agreed to marry, everyone in District 8 was called to a public square to watch. However, they used the broadcast as an excuse to gather, then they overthrew the local authorities. However, their victory was short lived. Before long, thousands of Peacekeepers were flown in and brutally reasserted the Capitol’s control over the workers. Bonnie and Twill were able to escape because they showed up to work late one day—the day their factory exploded.

Now the two refugees are headed to District 13. Katniss objects that District 13 was destroyed...

(The entire section is 420 words.)