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The Catcher in the Rye

by J. D. Salinger

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Chapter 8 Questions and Answers

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Study Quesstions
1. Why does Holden walk to the train station?

2. What does Holden say when asked whether he likes Pencey Prep?

3. Why is Mrs. Morrow concerned about Ernest?

4. Because Holden likes Mrs. Morrow, what does he tell her about Ernest?

5. According to Holden, why was Ernest Morrow not elected president of the class?

6. What does Mrs. Morrow suspect is the reason for Holden’s going home late on a Saturday night?

7. What is Holden’s explanation for going home on Saturday?

8. Why does Mrs. Morrow keep calling Holden by the name Rudolf?

9. Where does Mrs. Morrow invite Holden to visit Ernest in the summer?

10. What excuse does Holden give to Mrs. Morrow for not being able to visit Ernest in the summer?

1. Holden walks to the train station because it is too late to call a cab.

2. Holden tells Mrs. Morrow that it is as good as most schools, and that some of the faculty are “pretty conscientious.”

3. Mrs. Morrow feels that Ernest is too sensitive and serious, and, thus, not a “terribly good mixer.”

4. Holden tells Mrs. Morrow that Ernest is shy, modest, and one of the most popular boys at Pencey Prep.

5. Holden said that Ernest was not elected president because he would not allow his classmates to nominate him.

6. Mrs. Morrow suspects that someone in Holden’s family may be sick.

7. Holden says that he needs an operation because he has a small brain tumor.

8. Holden told Mrs. Morrow that his name was Rudolf Schmidt.

9. Mrs. Morrow invites Holden to visit Ernest at Gloucester, Massachusetts during the summer.

10. Holden tells her that he will be going to South America with his grandmother in the summer.

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