Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Ackley not want to play canasta?

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2. Why does Holden become angry with Ackley?

3. When Ackley insists on hearing the reasons for the fight, how does Holden answer him?

4. What does Holden think about as he lies in Ely’s bed?

5. What is it about Stradlater that makes him so dangerous on a date?

6. What makes Holden so lonely that he wakes up Ackley?

7. What is it that really upsets Ackley?

8. What does Holden decide when he leaves Ackley’s room?

9. Why does packing his ice skates make Holden sad?

10. How does Holden feel as he is about to leave Pencey Prep?

1. Ackley says that it is late, and he has to get up early to go to Mass.

2. Holden is angry because Ackley is interested only in the reasons for the fight rather than providing comfort for Holden.

3. Holden says that the fight was over Stradlater’s saying that Ackley had a lousy personality. Sadly, Ackley believes him, but then Holden tells him that he was kidding.

4. Holden does not think about his own pain and humiliation. Rather, he thinks about Jane and whether she was able to resist the allures of Stradlater.

5. Holden says that Stradlater has a sincere voice coupled with a handsome body, which make him irresistible to girls.

6. Holden is lonely because Stradlater returns to the room without showing any interest in Holden’s well-being.

7. Holden asks Ackley about joining a monastery. Ackley interprets this as making fun of his religion.

8. Holden decides to leave Pencey Prep right away instead of waiting until Wednesday.

9. Holden reflects that his mother bought him this thoughtful gift, and he is disappointing her again by being expelled. He adds that almost every time someone gives him a present, it ends up making him sad.

10. Holden feels sad, but covers up his feelings by shouting, “Sleep tight, ya morons!”

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