Chapter 6 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why is Holden so interested in what happened on Stradlater’s date?

2. Why does Stradlater not like the composition which Holden wrote for him?

3. Why does Holden smoke in bed?

4. Where did Stradlater go on his date with Jane Gallagher?

5. How would you describe Holden’s attitude toward athletes?

6. Why does Holden punch Stradlater?

7. According to Holden, how can you identify a moron?

8. Why is Stradlater nervous after hitting Holden?

9. What does Holden do before looking in the mirror?

10. What is Holden’s reaction to all the blood?

1. Holden is concerned that Stradlater may take advantage of Jane Gallagher.

2. Stradlater’s understanding is that the essay should be a description of a room or a house. Holden wrote a description of his brother’s baseball glove.

3. Holden smokes in bed because it irritates Stradlater.

4. Stradlater says that he spent the evening in the car with Jane.

5. Holden sees athletes as a clique which is dispensed from following the rules.

6. Holden punches Stradlater because he assumes that Stradlater had seduced Jane on their date.

7. Holden says that a moron can be recognized in that he never wants to discuss anything intelligently.

8. Stradlater fears that he may have seriously injured Holden.

9. Holden first puts on his hunting cap.

10. Holden says that he is partly scared and partly fascinated by the blood. Also, he feels that it makes him look tough.


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