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The Catcher in the Rye

by J. D. Salinger

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Chapter 23 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Mr. Antolini respond to Holden’s telephone call?

2. Who taught Phoebe to dance?

3. How does Holden feel after he dances with Phoebe?

4. What behavior of Charlene, the maid, does Phoebe object to?

5. Where does Phoebe say her prayers before she goes to bed that evening?

6. Why does Holden say that he has to leave the house?

7. Why does Phoebe not want Holden to go away?

8. Where does Holden plan to stay until Wednesday?

9. How does Phoebe try to comfort Holden when he is crying?

10. What does Holden do with the hunting hat?

1. Mr. Antolini responds very graciously, considering that the telephone call is made after 1:00 a.m. Mr. Antolini says that Holden is welcome to come over to his apartment immediately.

2. Holden taught Phoebe how to dance. But he says that she learned it mostly by herself, since you can’t teach someone how to really dance.

3. Holden says that he is out of breath because he has been smoking so much. He comments that Phoebe is not out of breath at all.

4. Phoebe says that Charlene breathes all over the food and everything.

5. Phoebe says her prayers in the bathroom that evening.

6. Holden has to leave in order to get his luggage from the train station.

7. Among other reasons, she fears that he will not see her in her play.

8. Holden plans to stay with Mr. Antolini until Wednesday.

9. Phoebe puts her arm around him and then says, in a typically innocent childlike manner, that he can sleep with her if he wants to.

10. Holden gives it to Phoebe as he leaves to visit Mr. Antolini.

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