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The Catcher in the Rye

by J. D. Salinger

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Chapter 22 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. To what does Holden compare Phoebe’s behavior when she finds out that he was expelled from Pencey?

2. Where does Holden say that his father will send him when he learns that Holden has been expelled?

3. Even though Holden likes Mr. Spencer, why does he consider him a phony?

4. What was the Pencey alumnus looking for when he came to Holden and Stradlater’s dorm?

5. When Holden thinks about the nuns, what does he picture them doing?

6. Why did James Castle commit suicide?

7. What was the topic of the only conversation that Holden remembers having with James Castle?

8. What habit of Holden’s does Phoebe wants him to change?

9. What bothers Holden about becoming a lawyer?

10. Who is the author of “if a body meet a body coming through the rye?”

1. Holden compares Phoebe’s behavior to that of the fencing team at Pencey who ostracized him after he left the foils on the subway.

2. Holden says that his father will send him to a military school.

3. Holden considers Mr. Spencer a phony because of his obsequious behavior while Mr. Thurber was observing him teach.

4. The man was looking for his initials that he had carved into the bathroom door when he was a student.

5. Holden pictures the nuns holding their straw baskets, collecting money for the poor.

6. James Castle committed suicide rather than “take back” what he said about another student.

7. The only conversation Holden remembers having with James Castle was when James asked to borrow Holden’s turtleneck sweater.

8. Phoebe wants Holden to stop swearing.

9. Holden says that he would not know if, as a lawyer, he really wanted to help people or just receive the recognition for helping people.

10. The author is Robert Burns.

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