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The Catcher in the Rye

by J. D. Salinger

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Chapter 19 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Describe the entertainment at the Wicker Bar.

2. What types of people frequent the Wicker Bar?

3. Why does Holden not like the bartender at the Wicker Bar?

4. What was the relationship between Luce and Holden when they were at Whooton together?

5. What word does Luce use frequently?

6. How old is Luce’s current girl friend?

7. Give one reason why Luce prefers Eastern philosophy to Western philosophy.

8. What is one of the annoying things about Luce, according to Holden?

9. What advice did Luce give to Holden?

10. What is the one positive thing Holden says about Luce at the end of the chapter?

1. Entertainment is provided by two French girls, Tina and Janine. Tina plays the piano and Janine sings.

2. According to Holden, the Wicker Bar is frequented by phonies and homosexuals.

3. Holden does not like the bartender because he considers him a snob. Holden says the bartender will hardly talk to you -unless you are a big shot or a celebrity.

4. Luce was Holden’s student advisor.

5. Holden says that Luce used to say “certainly” very often.

6. Luce is not certain, but he estimates that she is in her late thirties.

7. According to Luce, Eastern philosophies regard sex as both a physical and a spiritual experience.

8. Holden says that at Whooton, Luce would make you describe the most personal things that happened to you. But if you asked him personal questions, he became angry.

9. Luce advised Holden that he should consult a psychoanalyst.

10. Holden says that Luce has a good vocabulary; he had the largest of any boy at Whooton.

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