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The Catcher in the Rye

by J. D. Salinger

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Chapter 18 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. After Holden leaves the skating rink, where does he go?

2. In Holden’s opinion, how do girls defend a boy they like if someone criticizes him by calling him mean or conceited?

3. Why did Bob Robinson have an inferiority complex?

4. Why does Holden go to Radio City after he leaves the drugstore?

5. According to Holden, what is there about the show at Radio City that Jesus would really like?

6. In the movie, what happens to Alec that causes him to regain his memory?

7. Why is Holden so critical of the lady who sits next to him in the movie?

8. What kind of job did D.B. have when he was overseas in the army?

9. In Holden’s opinion, what was inconsistent about D.B.’s liking the novel A Farewell to Arms?

10. Why is Holden happy that the atomic bomb has been invented?

1. Holden goes to the drugstore to get something to eat.

2. The girls say he has an inferiority complex.

3. Bob had an inferiority complex because his parents were uneducated and not wealthy.

4. Holden goes to Radio City to pass the time until he meets Carl Luce at ten o’clock that evening.

5. Holden says that Jesus would really like the guy in the orchestra who plays the kettle drums.

6. Alec gets hit in the head with a cricket ball.

7. Holden is critical of his seatmate because she cries throughout the movie as if she were kindhearted, but refuses to take her child to the restroom during the movie.

8. D.B. was the driver for a general.

9. Holden did not understand how D.B. could hate war and like the novel A Farewell to Arms.

10. Holden says if there is another war he would sit on top the bomb rather than go into the army.

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