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The Catcher in the Rye

by J. D. Salinger

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Chapter 17 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why is Holden depressed when he is sitting in the lobby of the Biltmore?

2. Name two outstanding characteristics of Harris Macklin.

3. What is the best thing Holden can say about bores?

4. After Sally tells Holden that she loves him, how does she want to change him?

5. Holden says that the Lunts do not act like people or actors. What does he say they act like?

6. Why does Sally not talk much during the intermission?

7. What article of clothing does Holden associate with “Ivy League types?”

8. Why does Holden think that Sally really wants to go skating?

9. How do Holden and Sally’s skating ability compare with the others who are on the ice?

10. Does Sally like school?

1. Holden says it is depressing when he keeps wondering about what will become of all the girls when they finish school.

2. He was very intelligent and was a good whistler.

3. They do not hurt anyone—most of them. In addition, they might have a special talent like being able to whistle well.

4. Sally wants Holden to let his hair grow.

5. Holden says that the Lunts act like they know they are -celebrities, i.e., they are too good as actors.

6. Sally does not talk much, according to Holden, because she is busy looking around and being charming.

7. Holden associates checkered vests with “Ivy League types.”

8. Holden thinks that Sally wants to go skating so she can wear one of those little skating skirts.

9. Holden says that Sally and he are the worst skaters on the ice.

10. Sally says that school is a terrific bore.

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