The Catcher in the Rye Chapter 14 Questions and Answers

J. D. Salinger

Chapter 14 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. After Sunny leaves Holden’s room, whom does he begin talking to?

2. What is it that Holden finds disturbing about Jesus’ disciples?

3. How does Holden’s belief about Judas differ from that of his friend Arthur Childs?

4. How does Holden say that Jesus chose his disciples?

5. How does Holden know who is knocking on his door even before opening it?

6. Why do Maurice and Sunny return to Holden’s room?

7. What is it about ministers that Holden does not like?

8. How does Maurice respond when Holden says that he is going to scream his head off if Maurice roughs him up?

9. What religion are the children in Holden’s family?

10. What excuse does Holden give for not committing suicide by jumping out the window?

1. Holden begins talking to his dead brother, Allie.

2. Holden is disturbed that, although Jesus’ disciples were all right after He died, they kept letting Him down while He was alive.

3. Holden believes that Jesus did not send Judas to Hell for betraying Him and committing suicide. Arthur Childs believes that Judas was sent to Hell.

4. Holden says that Jesus chose his disciples at random.

5. Holden says he knows who is knocking at the door because he is psychic.

6. Maurice and Sunny came to collect an additional five dollars for Sunny’s services.

7. Holden does not like their phony “Holy Joe” voices.

8. Maurice implies that he will notify Holden’s parents that he has been with a prostitute.

9. The children in Holden’s family are all atheists.

10. Holden says that he does not “want a bunch of stupid rubbernecks looking at me when I was all gory.”