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The Catcher in the Rye

by J. D. Salinger

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Chapter 13 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Holden walk back to the hotel rather than take a cab?

2. What does Holden think about as he walks back to the hotel?

3. What kind of a drinker does Holden think he is?

4. How does Holden feel when he arrives back at the hotel?

5. What excuse does Holden give for agreeing to meet with the prostitute?

6. What does Holden think about a girl’s ability to control herself in the heat of passion?

7. Does Holden look forward to meeting with the prostitute?

8. How does Holden feel when the prostitute takes off her dress?

9. When does Holden begin to feel sorry for Sunny?

10. What excuse does Holden give Sunny for not wanting to have sex with her?

1. Holden says that, sometimes, you get tired of riding in taxi cabs in the same way you get tired of riding in elevators. Suddenly, one has to walk, no matter how far or how high up.

2. Holden thinks about his stolen gloves and how he would not have the courage to confront the thief and hit him if provoked. He sees himself as cowardly.

3. Holden thinks he has the capacity to drink a great deal of alcohol without appearing to be drunk.

4. Although Holden is not sleepy, he is depressed. He says that he almost wishes he were dead.

5. Holden says that he was so depressed he did not even think.

6. Holden thinks that a girl cannot stop herself when she is in the heat of passion. So when a girl says to stop, he stops.

7. He vacillates between looking forward to meeting her and being nervous about the encounter.

8. Holden says that he feels more depressed than sexy.

9. Holden begins to feel sorry for Sunny when he hangs up her dress. He feels sad when he thinks of her buying the dress and the store employees not knowing that she is a prostitute.

10. Holden tells her that he has just had surgery and has not sufficiently recuperated.

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