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The Catcher in the Rye

by J. D. Salinger

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Chapter 10 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Holden decide not to call Phoebe?

2. How does Holden feel about Phoebe?

3. How much does Holden think it will cost him to get a prime table in the Lavender Room?

4. How does Holden know that the three girls at the next table are not from New York City?

5. How do the girls react when Holden asks them whether anyone wants to dance?

6. What does Bernice say that betrays how shallow she is?

7. Does Bernice enjoy dancing with Holden?

8. How does Holden overstep the bounds of propriety with Bernice?

9. Do the girls invite Holden to sit down at their table?

10. How does Holden describe the experience of dancing with Marty?

1. Holden is concerned that one of his parents will answer the telephone. Moreover, even if he hangs up, he thinks that his mother will know it is he because she is “psychic.”

2. Holden is very fond of Phoebe. He says that she is pretty and smart. In a discussion, she understands exactly what you are talking about. She can distinguish a good movie from a bad one. She, however, is sometimes too affectionate and very emotional.

3. Holden thinks a dollar tip to the headwaiter will get him a good table.

4. Holden notices that their hats are not the kind commonly worn in New York City.

5. They giggle.

6. Holden is appalled by the fact that Bernice thinks seeing Peter Lorre in person the night before is significant.

7. No. She does not listen to Holden, and continues to look around, hoping to see a celebrity.

8. Holden kisses Bernice on the head, then uses profanity.

9. No. He sits down with them uninvited.

10. Holden says that dancing with Marty is like dragging the Statue of Liberty around the floor.

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