The Catcher in the Rye Chapter 22 Summary and Analysis

J. D. Salinger

Chapter 22 Summary and Analysis

New Character
James Castle: the boy who committed suicide at Elkton Hills School

After leaving Phoebe to get cigarettes in the living room, Holden returns to the bedroom. Phoebe’s response to Holden’s expulsion is “Daddy’ll kill you.” Holden says that his dad will either send him to a military school, or that nothing will happen because Holden will be on a ranch in Colorado. Phoebe continues to press Holden as to why he was expelled. He resents the questioning and says that he is tired of everyone asking him that question. Holden, however, does tell Phoebe how bad it was at Pencey. He mentions all the phonies and mean guys there. Holden sums up his feelings...

(The entire section is 595 words.)