Chapter 29 Summary


Orr does not appear for ten days, and Colonel Cathcart is told to prepare a letter to Orr’s next-of-kin. General Peckem has sent an order: there will be no parade this Sunday because Colonel Scheisskopf is being sent overseas. Scheisskopf does not approve of the move, nevertheless he reports to Peckem in Rome as ordered.

P.P. Peckem is a “handsome, pink-skinned man of fifty-three” who is quite aware of everyone’s ridiculousness but his own. His language is bombastic and he thinks he is most amusing. Scheisskopf is not amused and Peckem is stunned at the man’s lack of enthusiasm for his wittiness. Though this causes Peckem some self-doubt, he magnanimously forgives...

(The entire section is 506 words.)