Analyze the character of George in "Cat in the Rain."

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An analysis of the character George, the husband in "Cat in the Rain," would involve showing us how lazy and inactive he is. This is a man completely lacking in dynamism or ambition, a man who prefers a quiet life of reading to a life of material well-being. This puts him at odds with his wife, who yearns for the kind of life that doesn't interest George in the slightest.

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In analyzing George's character, it's important to note that at no point does he rise from the bed. To a considerable extent, this is a man who lives a life of the mind, a life of books and reading. The world outside books, the world in which his dissatisfied wife lives, doesn't really interest him. Inevitably, this causes a fair amount of friction between husband and wife. They both want completely different things out of life. Or, to be more precise, George's wife wants a life, but George doesn't. The world of books is more than enough for him.

Because of his inertness, and because of his absorption in his book, George gives the impression that he really doesn't care all that much about his wife. Compare how he talks to her when she's about to go outside into the rain with how the padrone addresses her. Whereas the padrone says "You must not get wet", George only says "Don't get wet", which would appear to indicate a lack of real concern on his part.

Under the circumstances, it's no wonder that George's wife is so dissatisfied with married life. She's just not receiving the love, care, and attention that she deserves.

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