Historical Context

British Colonization
British explorers, led by a Captain Gordon, first landed on Barbados in 1620, but it was not until seven...

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Literary Style

In In the Castle of My Skin, George Lamming makes use of many of the developments in narrative that took place...

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Bibliography and Further Reading

Charques, R. D., Review of In the Castle of My Skin, in Spectator, March 20, 1953, p. 354.


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(Literary Essentials: African American Literature)

Buhle, Paul. “C. L. R. James, West Indian: George Lamming Interviewed by Paul Buhle.” In C. L. R. James’s Caribbean, edited by Paget Henry and Paul Buhle. Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1992. An interview with Lamming by the biographer of C. L. R. James, the first important West Indian to publish abroad, and in later life an influence on radical activists and critics of society in Britain and the United States, as well as on younger Caribbean writers, including Lamming. The interview concerns the subject of James’s influence on Lamming.

Dance, Daryl Cumber. Conversations with Contemporary West Indian Writers. Leeds,...

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Compare and Contrast

1930s: Barbados, a colony so closely linked to Britain that it is called "Little England" by colonial administrators, enjoys economic...

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Topics for Further Study

Lamming mentions, in passing, the names of a number of men who became heroes to West Indians of African descent: Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson,...

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What Do I Read Next?

In the Castle of My Skin was Lamming's first novel. In the same decade that this novel appeared, he also published three other...

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