(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Carlo Altoviti

Carlo Altoviti (ahl-toh-VEE-tee), a poor relation in the feudal Fratta family and the narrator. He becomes an honored member of the family and a patriot who lives to see the Castle of Fratta reduced to rubble and the Frattas dispersed. In his old age, he returns to Fratta to write his memoirs.


Giovanni (gee-oh-VAHN-nee), the count of Fratta, the austere head of the Fratta family.


Cleonice (kleh-oh-NEE-chee), the countess of Fratta, Count Giovanni’s haughty wife.


Clara, Count Giovanni’s grave, beautiful daughter, who finally enters a convent.


Pisana (pee-ZAH-nah), Count Giovanni’s fascinating younger daughter, loved by Carlo Altoviti. She eventually becomes his mistress.

Aquilina Provedoni

Aquilina Provedoni (ah-kwee-LEE-nah proh-veh-DOH-nee), Carlo Altoviti’s wife.

Todero Altoviti

Todero Altoviti (toh-DEH-roh), Carlo’s father. Deserted by Carlo’s mother, he disappears. When he has grown wealthy in trade he returns, hoping to establish a prominent family. His hopes are dashed with the capitulation of Venice to the...

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