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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Christa Wolf's Cassandra has many characters. Some of the main characters are Cassandra, Priam, Hecuba, Aaneus, and Agamemnon.

Cassandra is the narrator of this story. She is the daughter of Priam and is being held captive by the Greeks under King Agamemnon. Cassandra is a princess of Troy who believed that Troy would be defeated.

Priam is Cassandra's father and King of Troy. Priam does not believe his daughter's prophesy and forces her to prison. Priam is eventually overthrown.

Hecuba is Priam's wife and Cassandra's mother.

Aaneus is Cassandra's lover. Aaneus disappears during the war while fighting for the Trojans.

Agamemnon is the Greek King of Argos. His wife, Helen, was abducted. This event causes Agamemnon to seek revenge against the people of Troy and results in the enslaving and killing of many people.

Other characters include Hector (Cassandra's brother), Achilles (a Greek warrior), Anchises (the father of Aaneus), and Panthous (a priestess).

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