Cass Timberlane Characters
by Sinclair Lewis

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Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Cass Timberlane

Cass Timberlane, district judge in Grand Republic, Minnesota. A good man, he lives a lonely life after his divorce until he is stirred in his forty-first year by a young girl, Jinny Marshland, who is from the lower classes. He marries the girl, despite the objections of his friends and hers. The marriage is not entirely a happy one, but thanks to the judge’s patience and love, the marriage succeeds.

Blanche Timberlane

Blanche Timberlane, the judge’s ex-wife.

Jinny Marshland

Jinny Marshland, a young girl who marries Judge Timberlane. She finds difficulty in adjusting to her new life. She has an affair with Bradd Criley and, wanting to live in New York, almost breaks up her marriage. When she falls ill and realizes she needs her husband, she goes back to him and the small town in which they live.

Bradd Criley

Bradd Criley, one of Judge Timberlane’s friends. He pursues the judge’s wife, as he does every attractive woman, and becomes her lover.

Dr. Roy Drover

Dr. Roy Drover, one of the judge’s friends, a philanderer.

Boone Havock

Boone Havock and

Queenie Havock

Queenie Havock, wealthy but vulgar friends of Judge Timberlane.

Jay Laverick

Jay Laverick, the rich, drunkard friend of Judge Timberlane. His attentions to Jinny cause gossip.

Chris Grau

Chris Grau, a well-to-do, attractive woman in love with Judge Timberlane. She sympathizes with his problems.

Mrs. Higbee

Mrs. Higbee, Judge Timberlane’s understanding housekeeper.