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Below are several themes that are present in the novel, Carry On.

Homosexuality. The author, Rainbow Rowell, has stated in interviews that she believed her readers were reading for a gay romance. As such, she wrote the main character Simon Snow to be exploring his sexuality and his love interest, Baz, to be openly queer. Baz shares his struggle as an out boy as he questions how his father will react. Simon shares his questioning with his therapist and is advised to consider labels further down the line. Simon chooses to enjoy his relationship with Baz and worry about how to identify later. There are several other queer characters, including, Ebby Petty and Trixie.

Fan Fiction. This novel is largely based off of the stories of Harry Potter. Like Harry Potter it is set in Britain and tells the story of a school full of training wizards/magicians.

Elitism. The novel poignantly criticizes the caste system that is in place in the magic world. There is a system in place for maintaining the castes. The Mage’s Council ensures that magical lines are carried through children. Agatha, Simon’s ex-girlfriend is consumed with finding a partner who will provide her with prestige. The lower class is called the Old Families.

Romance. This is ultimately a love story between Simon and Baz. Baz is Simon's roommate who at the start of the novel is held hostage by numptys. Simon misses Baz dearly and begins to recognize his attraction. The two kiss and express interest in one another.

Self Acceptance. The characters in this novel struggle with various identity based issues, ranging from sexuality to class. Ultimately, each character is taught to appreciate themselves and support one another.