Carolyn Heilbrun

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Gerrard, Nicci. “Who Cares Whodunnit?” New Statesman and Society 3, no. 88 (16 February 1990): 38.

Gerrard praises A Trap for Fools, noting that the work “possesses amiability and zest.”

Grumman, Joan. Review of The Representation of Women in Fiction, edited by Carolyn Heilbrun and Margaret T. Higonnet. Modern Fiction Studies 30, no. 2 (summer 1984): 425-28.

Grumman argues that The Representation of Women in Fiction successfully illustrates the progress of women's literary studies.

Manos, Nikki Lee. “Heilbrun's Apologia.” Belles Lettres 6, no. 3 (spring 1991): 23.

Manos maintains that in Hamlet's Mother and Other Essays Heilbrun writes clearly and elegantly, which, she asserts, should prompt others to explore and celebrate women's writing.

McCarthy, Abigail. “Alternate Destinies and Imagined Identities.” Washington Post Book World 18, no. 45 (6 November 1988): 5-6.

McCarthy states that the primary aim of Writing a Woman's Life is to “help by examining women's lives anew and suggesting new ways they might be written.”

Mesic, Penelope. “Steinem's Lives: Exploring the Growth of a Celebrated Feminist.” Chicago Tribune Books (8 October 1995): 3, 5.

Mesic lauds Heilbrun's complex portrait of Gloria Steinem in The Education of a Woman.

Review of Edge of Doom, by Amanda Cross. Publishers Weekly 249, no. 39 (30 September 2002): 53.

The critic praises Edge of Doom's “literary wit and classy conversation,” but laments the novel's lack of action and plot detail.

White, Jean M. “Mysteries.” Washington Post Book World 14, no. 25 (17 June 1984): 6.

White provides an unfavorable assessment of Sweet Death, Kind Death.

Additional coverage of Heilbrun's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Beacham's Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction: Biography and Resources, Vol. 1; Contemporary Authors, Vols. 45-48; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vols. 1, 28, 58, 94; Contemporary Literary Criticism, Vol. 25; Contemporary Popular Writers; Feminist Writers; Literature Resource Center; Mystery and Suspense Writers; and St. James Guide to Crime & Mystery Writers.

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