Caroline's Wedding

by Edwidge Danticat

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What could be a good thesis for Krik? Krak!'s "Caroline's Wedding"? What was Danticat's purpose in presenting Haitians and Haiti?

Expert Answers

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Critics explain Danticat's explorations in "Caroline's Wedding" as a look into the integration of ancient Haitian ways with modern ways of American society. She does this by contrasting Caroline's courtship and upcoming marriage to Ma's memories of her Haitian courtship and, later, her reluctant confessions about her marriage. With Grace acting the role of mediator of the two points of view--Haitian and Western-American--Danticat blends the two cultural realities, highlighting the strong and weak of each until Ma and Caroline develop a genuine comprehension of each other's sense of perception.

A possible thesis addressing Danticat's purpose in presenting the culture of Haiti in the way she does might focus on Danticat's personal perception that individual perception isn't adequate or sufficient enough to serve as a lens through which to understand the truth about major events and milestones of life. In other words, varying perceptions need to be blended to build a multifaceted perception of life's moments of importance.

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