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Carmen, an attractive, quick-tempered, thieving gypsy girl who seduces, torments, and eventually tries to drop Don José, as she had done with several other lovers before. As a gypsy woman, she is without rights, lives by her own code, and belongs nowhere. This exotic femme fatale leads men, through her fickleness and infidelities, not only to distraction but also to destruction. When she slashes the face of another girl working in the cigarette factory during an argument, she persuades the corporal of the guard, Don José, to let her escape but allows him to pay the price. She does this shrewdly; having discovered his Basque origin, she addresses him in his own tongue to win his sympathies. Carmen is also a free spirit who cannot be tamed, a girl with a strong sense of independence who cannot commit herself to any single relationship: To her, love, certainly within the bonds of marriage, represents servitude. She therefore refuses Don José’s offer to escape with him to America after he kills two men and becomes an outlaw, all on her account. She explains that no one will determine the course of her life. She does so even though she realizes that such refusal and her admission that she no longer loves Don José will lead inevitably to her own death. Remaining true to her nature until the end, she adds up to more than a promiscuous gypsy.

Don José

Don José (hoh-SAY), also known...

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