Carlos Fuentes Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Carlos Fuentes Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Few confrontations in history have been more dramatic or devastating than that between Hernán Cortés and Montezuma II. When the conquistador, Cortés, met the Aztec monarch, Montezuma, two calendars, two worldviews, and two psychologies collided. The Aztec’s cyclic concept of catastrophism, which held that the earth and its creatures must die and be reborn every fifty-two years, came into direct conflict with the European vision of linear time and the notion of progress. The Machiavellian Spaniard was perceived by the Aztecs as a god who had returned to his homeland from the East, as prophesied in native mythology. On the other hand, Cortés, with fine irony, depicted Montezuma as a simple and naïve man torn by the workings of...

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