Carlos Baker Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

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Shadow on a Stone (poetry) 1930

The American Looks at the World [editor] (essays) 1944

Shelley's Major Poetry: The Fabric of a Vision (criticism) 1948

Hemingway: The Writer as Artist (criticism) 1952

The Major English Romantic Poets: A Symposium in Reappraisal [editor with C. D. Thorpe and Bennett Weaver] (criticism) 1957

A Friend in Power (novel) 1958

Hemingway and His Critics: An International Anthology [editor] (criticism) 1961

Ernest Hemingway: Critiques of Four Major Novels [editor] (criticism) 1962

A Year and a Day: Poems (poetry) 1963

The Land of Rumbelow: A Fable in the Form of a Novel (novel) 1963

Ernest Hemingway: A Life Story (biography) 1969

The Gay Head Conspiracy: A Novel of Suspense (novel) 1973

The Talismans and Other Stories (short stories) 1976

Ernest Hemingway: Selected Letters, 1917-1961 [editor] (letters) 1981

The Echoing Green: Romanticism, Modernism, and Phenomenon of Transference in Poetry (criticism) 1984

Emerson Among the Eccentrics: A Group Portrait (criticism) 1996