Carl Theodor Dreyer Don Skoller - Essay

Don Skoller

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Gertrud tends] toward abstraction, and its method, as Dreyer wrote in 1955, is simplification. It is this simplification that, not "dug"—not grasped from head to toe—becomes the boredom or the anachronism of which [Stanley] Kauffmann [see excerpt above] and his sympathizers complain. But the boredom, one feels, is the tension that the unremitting purity of Dreyer's film creates. It is not an objective boredom; it is not the depiction of boredom by being boring; it is a simplification and selectivity that leaves the viewer with nothing to become distracted by, that provides him with the opportunity to make contact with only the truths of a situation, of himself, so that suddenly the gnawing of his own...

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