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Captain Courageous, by Rudyard Kipling, is the story of a 15-year-old boy named Harvey Cheyne Jr., the spoiled son of a wealthy railroad tycoon. He is on an ocean liner bound for Europe when he falls overboard and is rescued by a group of cod fisherman off the coast of Newfoundland. Harvey tries to get the fisherman to take him back to port, but they refuse to do it. He also tells them that he is wealthy and his father will pay for the trip back, but the fisherman don’t believe him. When Harvey accuses the captain, Disko Troop, of taking his money, the captain is angry and punches him, but then makes Harvey join the crew and work as a fisherman for the remainder of their trip.

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Under the tutelage of a rough and tough crew of fisherman, and with the assistance of Dan, the captain’s son, Harvey doffs his “spoiled little rich boy” attitude and learns some manners and the value of hard work. He learns to be a good fisherman and to respect the crew. He also appreciates that they value him for his dedication and contribution to the crew and not for his money. When the fishing schooner returns to port, Harvey wires his parents, and they retrieve their son in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where the schooner arrived in port. Harvey’s parents reward the fisherman who saved her son from the water, they offer Dan a job as the officer of a railroad fleet, and they send their son to Stanford where he will learn what he needs to know to take over his father’s railroad fleet.


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Harvey Cheyne is a rich, spoiled fifteen-year-old boy, bound for Europe aboard a swift ocean liner. He is so seasick that he hardly realizes it when a huge wave washes him over the rail of the ship into the sea. Luckily, he is picked up by a fisherman in a dory and put aboard the fishing schooner We’re Here. The owner and captain of the boat, Disko Troop, is not pleased to have the boy aboard but tells him that he will pay him ten dollars a month and board until the schooner docks in Gloucester the following September. It is then the middle of May. Harvey insists that he be taken to New York immediately, asserting that his father will gladly pay for the trip, but the captain, doubting that Harvey’s father is a millionaire, refuses to change his plans and hazard the profits of the fishing season. When Harvey becomes insulting, Disko promptly punches him in the nose to teach him manners.

The captain’s son, Dan, is glad to have someone his own age aboard the fishing boat, and he soon becomes a friend of the castaway. Harvey’s stories about mansions, private cars, and dinner parties fascinate him. Dan recognizes that Harvey is telling the truth and that he could not possibly make up so many details of a wealthy person’s life.

Harvey begins to fit into the life aboard the schooner. All the fishermen take an interest in his nautical education, and Long Jack teaches him the names of the ropes and the various pieces of equipment. Harvey learns quickly, partly because he is a bright young lad and partly because Long Jack whips him with the end of a rope when he gives the wrong answers. He also learns how to swing the dories aboard when they are brought alongside with the day’s catch, to help clean the cod and salt them away below the decks, and to stand watch at the wheel of the schooner as they move from one fishing ground on the Grand Banks to the next. Even Disko admits that the boy will be a good hand before they reach Gloucester in the fall.

Gradually, Harvey becomes accustomed to the sea. There are times of pleasure as well as of work. He enjoys listening while the other eight members of the crew talk and tell sea yarns in the evenings or on the days when it is too rough to lower the...

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