Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Harvey Cheyne

Harvey Cheyne, the fifteen-year-old son of an American millionaire. Washed overboard from the liner he is taking from America to Europe, he is picked up by theWe’re Here, a schooner out of Gloucester bound for the Grand Banks. Young Harvey is forced to live from May until the following September aboard the fishing schooner. He is arrogant and peevish at first, but by the time the ship returns to Gloucester, he has changed. He is now a self-reliant young man who has proved himself in a rigorous environment.

Dan Troop

Dan Troop, the son of the schooner’s skipper and a boy of about Harvey’s age. Dan believes Harvey’s account of his family’s wealth and influence, but he and the cook are the only people aboard who do accept the story as true. Later in life, Dan becomes mate on one of the fast freighters Harvey owns.

Disko Troop

Disko Troop, the owner and skipper of the We’re Here. He resents Harvey’s presence aboard his schooner and meets the youth’s insolence with hard discipline. As the voyage continues, Troop learns to respect the boy’s quick grasp of the principles of navigation and his good work generally aboard the schooner. When the We’re Here is first back to Gloucester with a full ship, Troop’s respect for Harvey is complete.

Mr. Cheyne

Mr. Cheyne, Harvey’s father, a wealthy ship owner who has risen from poverty to wealth through sea trade. Mr. Cheyne is delighted to see the change the tour at sea has effected in his son.

Long Jack

Long Jack,






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The Cook

The Cook, crew members aboard the We’re Here.