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Captain Bob Singleton

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Captain Bob Singleton, sailor, explorer, and pirate. Early in life, he becomes accomplished in the arts of navigation and thievery, talents that are to stand him in good stead in his subsequent careers as explorer and pirate. Driven by storm, shipwreck, and mutiny to a trek across Africa, he makes explorations that yield a considerable treasure, which he recklessly spends on his return to England. To recover his losses, he sets sail again, joins a mutinous crew, and becomes a pirate. The pirate crew is joined by a Quaker surgeon, William Walters, under whose influence Singleton begins to feel qualms of conscience about his crimes. Finally, his moral regeneration complete, he marries William’s widowed sister and lives the remainder of his life in quiet contentment.

William Walters

William Walters, a Quaker surgeon. A member of the crew of a captured ship, he joins Singleton and gradually gains a considerable moral influence over him. When the two men decide to abandon piracy, Williams takes command of their ventures and dissuades the conscience-stricken Singleton from suicide so that, together, they may put their illegal fortune to a worthy use.

Captain Wilmot

Captain Wilmot and

Captain Avery

Captain Avery, masters of ships in the pirate fleet commanded by Captain Singleton.

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