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(Great Characters in Literature)

Captain Horatio Hornblower

Captain Horatio Hornblower, the commander of HMS Lydia and HMS Sutherland, British warships of the Napoleonic era. He is brilliant, brave, and skillful, but he is also shy and consumed by self-doubt, and he rigorously disciplines himself against a natural talkativeness. During his many adventures, he sinks the hostile warship Natividad while commanding the much smaller Lydia, heroically cripples a French squadron at the cost of losing theSutherland, is captured by the French, is reported dead, escapes, seizes a captured English ship, sails to England, is knighted, and is reunited with the widowed Lady Barbara.

Lieutenant William Bush

Lieutenant William Bush, Hornblower’s stolid, capable, fearless first lieutenant. He loses a foot during the battle with the French squadron; captured along with Hornblower, he accompanies him during the long escape from the heart of France. Upon returning to England, Bush is promoted to the rank of captain.


Brown, Hornblower’s powerfully built coxswain and personal servant. Though uneducated, he is highly intelligent and adaptable, and he proves invaluable during the escape from France.

Lieutenant Gerard

Lieutenant Gerard, Hornblower’s handsome, rakish second lieutenant.

Don Julian Alvarado

Don Julian Alvarado...

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