A Canticle for Leibowitz Questions and Answers: Part 3 (Fiat Voluntas Tua), Chapter 24

Walter M. Miller Jr.

Questions and Answers: Part 3 (Fiat Voluntas Tua), Chapter 24

Study Questions
1. What does Defense Minister call the testing of nuclear weapons?

2. Why is Defense Minister opposed to motherhood?

3. What does APLAC do?

4. What does Joshua think caused the increased radiation count?

5. How does Joshua recognize Mrs. Grales?

1. Defense Minister calls the testing of nuclear weapons a high crime and act of war. This shows that the world’s nations have banned any use of nuclear weapons in an attempt to avoid another nuclear war.

2. Defense Minister is opposed to motherhood because it has a bad influence on the youth. He adds that mothers are a particularly bad influence on soldiers.

3. APLAC translates text from one language into another.

4. Joshua thinks the increased radiation count is caused by fallout from a nuclear weapon of about a megaton. If so, this would indicate that the explosion was a threat to the Asian coalition.

5. Joshua recognizes Mrs. Grales because her head tilts to the right and she has a bundle on her left shoulder. This bundle is her second head, and it shows that the long-ago nuclear war is still causing deformities.