A Canticle for Leibowitz

by Walter M. Miller Jr.

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Questions and Answers: Part 2 (Fiat Lux), Chapters 21-23

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Study Questions
1. What did Hannegan II do to Apollo?

2. What does Poet say is the function of his eyeball?

3. What does Taddeo give as his reason for supporting Hannegan II?

4. What does Hannegan II’s decree say about the Texarkana clergy?

5. Why did Taddeo delay his return of the sketches of the abbey?

1. Hannegan II had Apollo hanged, then drawn, quartered, and flayed while he was still alive. Apollo’s body was then cut in pieces and thrown to the dogs. Such brutality indicates Hannegan II’s hostility to the Church.

2. Poet says his eyeball lets him perceive true meaning. It serves as his conscience, and he uses it whenever he needs to examine an issue.

3. Taddeo says he supports Hannegan II because the collegium’s well-being is linked to Hannegan II’s well-being.

4. Hannegan II’s decree says the Texarkana clergy must vow their allegiance to Hannegan II in order to become licensed and legal clergy. The decree is an attempt to force the clergy to follow Hannegan II rather than Church leaders.

5. Taddeo delayed his return of the sketches of the abbey because otherwise the officers would have had time to make another set of sketches.

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