A Canticle for Leibowitz Summary and Analysis: Part 2 (Fiat Lux), Chapter 20

Walter M. Miller Jr.

Summary and Analysis: Part 2 (Fiat Lux), Chapter 20

The abbey is ready for the banquet to honor Taddeo. The refectory’s tables are set with quality utensils, and the head table will host Dom Paulo, Gault, Taddeo, and four others from Taddeo’s party, although Dom Paulo wonders who will sit at the eighth place. The seven people sit down, and during Dom Paulo’s blessing, Poet takes the eighth place. Poet cracks a joke about the dinner meal, then makes a joke about apologizing for his presence. He continues the joke about apologetics by referring to his intent to give the goat to Taddeo as a scapegoat. When Poet talks about Hannegan II as planning to seize the abbey, an officer in Taddeo’s party takes out his sword. Dom Paulo, who has been growing more and...

(The entire section is 743 words.)