A Canticle for Leibowitz Summary and Analysis: Part 2 (Fiat Lux), Chapters 18-19

Walter M. Miller Jr.

Summary and Analysis: Part 2 (Fiat Lux), Chapters 18-19

New Characters
Poet: a poet in residence at the abbey

Brother Reader of the abbey stands at the refectory lectern reading from an account of the nuclear war of twelve centuries ago. The account, written by a monk a few decades after Saint Leibowitz died, describes why the war started, what happened during the war, and how Saint Leibowitz was driven to penitence because of the war. The monk describes a prince, or ruler, being tempted by Satan to strike his enemies in order to gain power over them. Rejecting the warnings of his counselors, the prince does this. God punishes the prince, who has made a holocaust of God’s sons, by killing the prince. Soon mankind decides to kill “the...

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